Downloading files from the Internet is highly useful since we gain access all our favorite videos, music, work or study-related documents. But, saving files out of the web could get yourself a little tricky as well. Theres obviously a risk of spyware or adware instead or getting a URL to a damaged file that will be nothing but a waste of space for storage.

Downloading torrents is a famed practice nowadays, however, this applications, doesnt occupy too long and is entire, safer. To handle torrents, PC users will need to have a download client. BitComet is one of the very well-known options in the market, and the best part is its totally free. Collectionbitcomet download for windows 8 at this site enables consumers to download audio, video, and program files as torrents.

How Can BitComet Increase Your PC?

BitComet is an HTTP/FTP download client that supports multiple BitTorrent protocols — HTTP Speeding, UDP Tracker Protocol v2, DHT Network, Magnet Link, and others. Such a range of options makes BitComet extremely fast and powerful as being a torrent client.

The download rate is spread evenly among the whole process — users dont have to struggle with a download being stuck at 99%-advancement. Due to the Long-Term Seeding technology, BitComet is really capable of finding seeds all of the way into the end, to complete the download inside a estimated period.

Disk damage can be a good risk in regards to tackling torrents as well as, chiefly as a result of number of write and read data. BitComet handles in order to avert the drive damage as a result of caching the data in the device memory. The drive isnt obtained too frequently — hence, the possibility of damage is diminished and prevented altogether.

Yet another convenient feature of BitComet is having the ability to preview a document when downloading it. The programme starts the downloading with saving the head and the tail section of the file, allowing a viewer to observe a part of whats being currently downloaded.

BitComet Main Attributes:

  • Intelligent preview feature to get torrent downloads;
  • Disc ca-ching to damage the drive;
  • Adaptive speed until the conclusion of every download;
  • Secure P2P protocols protect the PC from viruses and other dangers;
  • Torrent share — exchange torrents while downloading;
  • Reduces disc fragmentation with intelligent disk allocation;
  • DHT Network allows starting a downloading without connecting to trackers.
  • Summary

    BitComet is just a download client for Windows that allows PC users to download and manage torrent files. It has all of the features required to deliver a efficient downloading experience. On top of the, BitComet is fairly light weight and works well in background style.

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